Getting bored with your clothes? Want to get something special for an upcoming event? Mia Tango lets you trade in items that you previously purchased for credit to buy new items. Go ahead - treat yourself momma! Your body is making another person - you deserve a pretty new shirt and Mia Tango makes it easy.

How it works:

Each time you make a purchase from Mia Tango, you will receive a postage-paid return envelope. You can trade in any item that you purchased from our site.

First, log on to your account and let us know which items you’ll be trading back. Next, put those items in the return envelope and drop them in the mail. No need to launder anything - we clean and press everything here.

Once we receive your envelope, we’ll inspect all of the items to make sure that they can be resold.  As long as the item is free of tears, stains and alterations, you are good to go. We will then issue you trade credits equal to 20% of the price you paid for the item.  

Pajamas and items marked “Final Sale” are not eligible for trade-in credits.