Style Me

No time to shop? Sign up to Style Me and let us do the work for you. We’ll send you a hand-picked selection of clothes as often as you wish.

How it works

1. Get Started

Email – Our stylist will be in touch to discuss your style preferences and needs.

2. Pick a Box

You can chose whether to receive a box every month, every other month or once a trimester – it’s up to you!

3. Keep What You Like

We’ll send you 5 pieces we think you’ll love.

  • Try them on at home
  • Keep what you like
  • Send back what you don’t.

We include a postage paid envelope for your convenience.

You have 5 days to try on, purchase or return any pieces.

4. Pricing

  • Keep anything and your styling fee is waived
  • Keep everything and save 20%

There is a $20 styling fee, but the fee is waived if you purchase one or more items.

Go ahead and sign up for Style Me now.

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