Michelle Cordeiro Grant
Founder and CEO, LIVELY

Why did you start Lively?

While at Victoria’s Secret, I realized that this $13 billion lingerie category in the U.S. alone was dominated by this one brand with one POV. I knew that one day I was going to create a completely new experience for the bras and undies category that was inspired by real life.

The concept for LIVELY began around what I always thought was missing from the lingerie category, a brand that delivered on what it means to be sexy today – smart, healthy, active, and confident. Now more than ever, women are finding an incredible amount of confidence and appreciating their individual beauty.

What does the ideal Mother’s Day look like to you?

Making breakfast with my kids and husband. Then doing something outside like going for a walk in the park or taking the kids to the playground!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Experiences and moments with the people I love, doing the things I love.

- A morning run where the sun shines through the trees giving gorgeous colors and warmth!

- A walk on the beach with my husband when the air is still cool but the sky is filled with hues of pink and blue.

- A good laugh with my girlfriends, a dance party with my daughter… the list is long. Lastly, my team. The LIVELY crew is so inspiring. They are boss girls filled with amazing style, unique talents, and no fear.

What’s something you love to do with your kids?

My daughter Lydia is 4 years old and my son, Jack is 14 months old. I live near Central Park and when the weather’s nice, I love to take my kids there!

When I get a little time to myself, you can usually find me...?

Any fitness routine from running, spinning or even just taking a long walk in the park is what you’ll usually find me doing during my “me time.” It’s when I do my best thinking and reflect on all the incredible things happening in life!

What are 3 things you always have in your handbag?

My phone, wallet, keys!

What your favorite Mia Tango item right now? Why?

MEV Sangha Nursing Wrap – I love cardigans or anything easy to throw on over a pair of comfy pants and top! This one from Mia Tango is great because it looks like a regular cardigan that’s super soft but doubles as a nursing wrap. I love the versatility of this style!