Our Founder

 I started Mia Tango for women like me, who love clothes and want to look stylish throughout their pregnancy and beyond. Women who crave variety and polish as much as they crave ice cream and pickles. I hope you love it.

I’m from a small-town in Ohio and I’ve always loved clothes. My mom likes to tell people I was so motivated to wear designer jeans she couldn’t afford to buy me, that I got a job at the local pizza shop. I think I made about $30 a week, and I’d cheerily invest it all on clothes at The Limited. Many things have changed since then, but my love affair with clothes was a constant.

A few years ago, something happened that forever changed my relationship with clothes. While I was the CFO of a company about to embark on an IPO, I got pregnant. I rushed out to buy professional clothing for the roadshow. Then, I went on a vacation and rushed out to buy cute dresses, shorts and a bathing suit. Back at work, I needed more casual pieces than what I originally bought for the IPO, since I worked at a tech company where no one wore businessy stuff.

Then, I grew. Out. Of. Everything.

Then I had two wonderful baby boys, and I found that dressing myself after I had the boys was even harder than dressing myself while I was pregnant. (Don’t even talk to me about finding nursing clothes.)

My body slowly but surely made its way back to my pre-baby state, and then my feelings for clothing took a startling turn. I despised my maternity clothes. I was so tired of them, and I resented that they just hung there, taking up space in my closet. I wanted to burn them.

That feeling left me with the idea that there had to be a better way.

  • What if I could trade back in my pieces when I was tired of them, or when the seasons changed?
  • What if I could buy some things used rather than having to pay full retail for everything?
  • What if there was a stylist I could talk to who could help me pull it all together?

And that's what I set out to create.  Happy shopping!