Our mission

Can a baby momma get a break?

Having a baby is exciting...and overwhelming. Pregnant women and new moms want to look pretty and stylish and be comfortable, but buying a temporary wardrobe is expensive and we often feel guilty for spending money on things we’ll only wear a short time. So, what do we do? We cram ourselves into our pre-pregnancy clothes until they are literally bursting at the seams. Then, we buy boring basics and wear them into the ground.  We buy lower quality pieces than we normally would.  We wear sweatpants and baggy t-shirts...outside the house too. We wear our maternity jeans long after we’ve given birth.  And when it’s all said and done? We want to burn our maternity clothes.
Pregnancy is about accepting certain burdens, like weight gain, morning sickness and sleepless nights. At Mia Tango, we just think that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice feeling beautiful in your clothing.

Style without Compromise

We designed Mia Tango to make shopping during and after pregnancy easier and more fun…not a burden. It is style without compromise. Style without confusion over what and how much to buy. Style without giving up the need for comfort. Style without the guilt for spending too much. And style without inevitable waste when pregnancy is over.

Mia Tango includes a hand-picked selection of beautiful clothing that goes beyond basics for pregnancy and post-pregnancy.  Our customers can choose to purchase items new or used. Items previously purchased from Mia Tango can be returned in good condition to receive a credit to buy new pieces from the site. Customers can also email stylists to get suggestions on what to buy and how to style various pieces to look great throughout pregnancy and afterwards, during the ‘fourth trimester’.

Once customers are finished with their maternity items, they can send them back to Mia Tango and we will donate them to mothers-to-be in need. Mommas are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.