Monrow Lace-Up Sweatshirt - Pre-Loved

$106 $176

Every pre-loved item is worn by only one other mama. Organically laundered and pressed.

Babies, puppies and this lace up sweatshirt. That's the answer to: what are three things that are adorable? Wear it with a denim skirt, jeans shorts, leggings or the Manhattan Culotte. Don't be surprised if your cheeks are pinched, because who can resist you?

And who can't resist the fact that this yummy sweatshirt looks just as awesome post pregnancy?! #Beyondthe9

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Monrow – Created by two superwomen in LA, Monrow gives us leisure and luxurious clothes with their “supersoft” fabric. This brand creates stylish staples that compliment every woman’s wardrobe, no matter the size of her belly, so it’s no wonder why celebrities love them too.
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