Mia Tango Welcomes Matletik, Canada-based, Stylish Activewear

Mia Tango adds MATLETIK to its offering of quality activewear for pregnancy and motherhood.  Proudly made in Canada by #girlbosses Valerie Munger and Silvia Gallo, MATLETIK was founded to empower women to continue living their active lifestyle during their pregnancy. They are committed to encouraging moms-to be to stay healthy and feel great in their skin and perform any sport in a stylish looking outfit, while having freedom of movement and maximum comfort.

“Staying active during pregnancy and beyond is so essential to a woman’s well-being, both physically and mentally, and we were thrilled to find performance wear that embraces a woman’s changing body, while delivering amazing quality, comfort and style. However you choose to stay active, Matletik is designed for you, mama.” said Founder Melissa Birge.