How to Get the Most from Your Maternity Wardrobe

Buying a maternity wardrobe can be daunting. What should I buy? How many pieces do I really need? What styles? Founder Melissa offers her advice on how to get the most out of your maternity wardrobe.

Choose Your Basics Wisely.

The basics that will form the core of your maternity wardrobe will work very, very hard for you. These are your foundational pieces that will be worn at least once a week, so go for quality here. You want items that fit you well, will stand up to washing and wearing, that won’t sag or fade and will feel good on your skin. The core pieces that we recommend are: (1) jeans or leggings; (2) tank tops in neutral colors; and (3) a simple black dress. From here, you can build lots of great looks.

Be True to You.

In some ways, pregnancy is a great time to experiment with a new style. For example, you may not normally wear bodycon styles, but maybe now you feel like you want to show off that bump! Go for it! But too many women compromise their personal style when they’re pregnant. Either they can’t find pieces they like or don’t feel comfortable spending as much as they’d normally spend on themselves, but whatever the reason, they settle for something less. This is a recipe for feeling blah at a time when you should feel like your glowingest, most beautiful self. If you don’t like florals, don’t wear a floral dress just because your cousin handed it down to you. Don’t buy it just because it’s on sale. Buy it because it’s on sale AND it’s so you. We believe it is far better to buy fewer pieces that you absolutely feel great in than to have lots of pieces that make you feel like a whale. We promise - there are ways to make those few pieces feel like many.

Choose Separates that Can Be Worn With at Least Two Other Items.

My rule of thumb when I buy any item of clothing - maternity or no - is that I have to be able to wear it with at least two other things. Each top should go with at least two bottoms and vice versa (it’s also how I pack my suitcase, FYI). Looking at a dress? Do you already have the shoes to wear with it? Do you have a jacket or cardigan that you can layer over it so that you can create a few different looks? If so, thumbs up!! If not...pass or know that it’s your splurge piece. I’m all about feeling good, so sometimes we have to break the rules.

Layer on Items From Your Existing Wardrobe.

Comb through your closet and look for pieces that can be worn open, layered over your basic tanks and black dress. Blazers, cardigans, vests, button down shirts...these are pieces you already own that can still work for you even as your belly pushes forward. Take your basic white tank and jeans and throw on a blazer and cool flats for a classic look. Layer a denim button down shirt over your basic black dress and tie it up over your belly for a fun twist. Also, sometimes the hubs has a really cool rock concert tee. Now is the time to borrow it! Throw it on with a maxi skirt and sneakers for a fun weekend look.

Look for Pieces that can do Double Duty.

These pieces can be hard to find, but we do a little happy dance when we see one. A tunic dress that can be worn on its own or layered over pants. A reversible tee or skirt. A wrap that can be tied up different ways to create lots of looks. A beach cover up that is special enough to work as a dress. A pencil skirt that works equally well with heels and a shell as with sneakers and a tee. If one item of clothing can be worn more than one way, it’s a good investment, provided that it’s your style (see above: be true to you. always).

Use Accessories to Mix It Up.

Your basic black dress can look surprisingly different depending on the accessories you choose to pair with it. Add a floral silk scarf tied at your neck, a statement bag in a punchy color and black heels and you’ve got a smart look for the office. Throw on sneakers, a baseball cap and a cross body bag and you’re ready for the ball game. Layer on a cropped jacket, an edgy necklace and add booties, and you’ve got a cool outfit for date night. Play around a little!