Beyond Breakfast In Bed: 10 Mother’s Day Gifts Guaranteed to Make Her Day


It’s Mother’s Day…like soon. You want to do something special to show the special moms in your life how much you love, appreciate and admire them, but you’re at a loss for that gesture. Flowers are pretty, but sooooo done. Breakfast in bed seems fun, but mom wakes up before everyone else and also she doesn’t like crumbs in her bed. So now what? Relax - we’ve got you covered. Here are ten ideas to give her all the feels. Trust us - we’re moms.


  1. Plan a night out without the kids. What?? Mother’s Day without kids?? Mother’s Day is usually spent as a family, and appropriately so, but we’re guessing that she would love a night out with just the two of you and a chance to have grown-up conversation in grown-up clothes, eating grown-up food. It’s also a great way to let her know that you love her as a woman and not just us a mom. If you have young kids, make sure to arrange a sitter and this yourself. Don’t ask her to lift a finger.
  2. Scrapbook! Scrapbooks are corny and crafty and so much fun for everyone. Get the whole family involved in creating your masterpiece. The kids can create drawings, poems or write letters. Search through your iphone to find favorite pictures to include. Google “Mothers Day Forms” and have family members and friends fill out the questionnaires. Is your daughter or partner pregnant with her first? Fill up the book with ultrasound and her monthly belly pictures, letters to her about how she is going to crush it as a mom, what you think your child will be like. Have tissues nearby - this one is bound to bring tears to her eyes.
  3. Mom’s Movie Night. We love family movie night in our house. It’s a chance to snuggle up on the couch together and just enjoy a simple shared experience. But let’s be honest - Mom never gets to pick the movie, so on today of all days, let her control the remote. Be sure to whip up some snacks for the family - popcorn, brownies, cheese and crackers. They don’t have to be fancy. They just need to be something she loves and prepared by you.
  4. Give her a day just for her. For this to be truly a great gift, you need to book the appointments and do all the planning. A gift card simply isn’t going to cut it here. She takes care of everyone, so the idea here is to give her a day where she takes care of nothing. What does she love? Yoga, meditation and juice bars? Painting and wine? Shopping and lunch? A full day at the spa? Whatever it is, book the appointments and line up the food and be prepared to be on point for everything the kids need that day. No one ever said it was easy being Mom, and that’s why she needs to have a day where she does Nothing. At. All.
  5. Organize the toys. Are you like us? Has your house become one giant toy storage facility? Make her day (maybe even her year) by not just removing the toys from her line of sight, but actually putting them where they belong, with all their matching pieces together. Trash the games and toys that have too many missing parts to be fun any longer and donate those the children have grown out of. If you don’t have a storage system yet, go out and get some bins and a label maker. Your A-Type Mama will be over the moon.
  6. Get her digital memories in order. Fact: moms take lots of pictures and videos of their children. Question: are they at all organized or protected so that she can enjoy them for years to come? Let the professionals from Smitten Films make a custom family film for you. Or make a memory book at Snapfish, Shutterfly or one of the countless other sites that will do this for you. Not only will she have a special memory for a lifetime, but she’ll also have peace of mind knowing her most treasured possessions are secure.
  7. Play Bartender. This is so easy, yet so fun. Mix up her favorite drink, pop the champagne or open that expensive bottle of wine you’ve been saving. While you’re at it, pour it in the fancy glass. Life is a special occasion and she nurtures it every day. Have your toast ready. At a loss for words? We like this one: “To the woman who makes our world go around. Even when you don’t think we notice, we notice. And we love you for it.”
  8. Bubbles and Bubbly. For a fresh twist on breakfast in bed, why not serve her champagne in the bathtub instead? Fill the tub with a soothing and great smelling bubble bath, light some candles, pipe in soft music, give her a glass of champagne and her kindle and then get out. The gift of peace and quiet.
  9. Plan a weekend away. We are not only moms, but we used to work for a travel company and it’s a fact: moms do most of the planning when it comes to vacations. Surprise her with a mini-trip that you planned all by your little old self. It can be with or without kids, but the key is that she doesn’t have to lift a finger other than to pack her own bag. P.S. If you do take the kids and they’re not old enough to pack for themselves yet, tell her that you’re taking care of packing the kids’ bags too. She’ll probably never let you actually do it, but it’s the thought that counts, because it shows that you’re aware that she actually does all that.
  10. Make her an old fashioned coupon book. Get thee to the paper store and stock up on pretty paper, pens, stickers and glitter and make some fun coupons for free hugs and a week’s worth of table setting that she can cash in when she wants. Not sure what your coupons should be for? Include at least one from each of the following categories: (1) something to make her feel better when she’s had a hard day, such as a trip to the grocery for her favorite ice cream; (2) something to make her life easier: perhaps fuel up her car and get her oil changed; (3) something that shows you see the sacrifices she makes each day: offer to do her most hated chore for her; (4) something to make her smile : a silly video sent on your phone. Once you’ve got your coupon ideas, you can make them for each month of the year. They can be the same ones repeated over and over - trust us, she’ll never get tired of them!